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Alcudia’s Beach: A privileged area in a natural environment

Alcúdia has a large number of unique plant and animal species, mostly protected [...]

Alcúdia has a large number of unique plant and animal species, mostly protected. Native trees, flowers, plants, and underwater species found for example in the field of S'Albufereta, a vast wetland of more than 150 hectares which forms a natural interest area located next to Portblue Club Pollentia Resort.

The hotel coast is washed by the beach known as Can Cap de Bou located at 4.5 kilometers of Port de Pollença, next to the road that makes artificial border between land and sea, a quiet sandy characterized by its very long and extremely narrowness due to the erosive action of ocean currents. The scourge of wind from the north and northeast coastline makes this a busy area by windsurfers looking for curling waves.

Those interested in this or any other water sports will find in Alcudia all kinds of activities of the most colorful and playful: banana, donuts, parachutes, tandem motor boat, water ski, fly-Bus (mat float), pedal boats , kite-surf, ski bus, ski-sailing, ski-tube, ski-ride ... Another good possibility to explore the beautiful beaches of the Alcudia area is to rent a jet ski and lose yourself in the surrounding creeks.

Meanwhile the beach located opposite the hotel has sandy stretches leaden with remains of posidonia and other pebble and a slope nonexistent. It is at 2.4 nautical miles where we find the nearest port facilities in Port de Pollença.

Access by car is easy following the signs, whether up by Alcúdia or Pollença. Before reaching the Portblue Club Pollentia we find an esplanade with available parking. It is also possible to arrive by bus. The stop is 10 meters from the beach.

The area has some of the most privileged beaches of the Mediterranean. There is something for all tastes: sandy, pebble, boulder...S'Illot (perfect for diving goggle and snorkel or ride a picnic with friends at one of the tables or parrillas of the place ) or wild and tiny as Barcarés.


Dinner under the stars


In June, we have dinner at the Aquarius Bar Grill next to the central pool of Club Pollentia, in Mallorca.

This is a unique opportunity for the lovers of good food and our chef offers a menu that includes every week, dishes of international cuisine changed. So you can enjoy Lebanese dishes or traditional Vietnamese next to the menu of our hotel.

In Spain, it is not too well known. in the Middle East Lebanese cuisine, however, is one of the most appreciated and valued. Its delicate fusion flavors of the Mediterranean and the Arab culture itself give rise to an overflowing kitchen exoticism that, color, flavors ... It is dominated, especially products such as legumes and vegetables, cereals, meat, and a wide range of spices and herbs the full to recipes tradition.

Vietnamese cuisine for its varied and comprehensive cookbook part, French influences. Among the outstanding dishes typical Bun Bo Hue, or Asian hot pot stew,

Braised Asian Nations (hot pot) Vietnamese setasrollitos, bread for sandwiches (banh mi), Banh Cuon Nong, iced Tra Da, dragon fruit or pitaya, Rau Muong or water spinach, shake sugarcane (Nuoc Mia), seafood and of course, rice (C? M in Vietnamese), the. the basis of Vietnamese food

Do not forget to make this exquisite experience to try and make your reservation at Hobby Club!

New Spa Aura Pollentia

An oasis of fullness off the coast of Alcúdia [...]

PortBlue launches a new project in Mallorca: Aura Pollentia holistic & Wellness Spa. The center of 3,000 m2 is located in the Pollentia Club Resort and offers spectacular views of the Bay of Pollensa, Albufereta and the Sierra de Tramuntana.

The center also offers treatments using 100% organic products, thereby maintaining the environmental commitment that characterizes the chain. This is a project designed to provide a bonus to those who visit the area since the incredible views and Spa 360 Magical Nights attract a public increasingly demanding.

A majestic central pool chairs a committee composed of different types of jets, waterfalls, jacuzzi area with infinity view, and even one of the only hot stones of the island circuit.

The contrast Zone consists of two Finnish saunas, steam bath under a canopy of stars and contrasts different stations to promote circulation, as chromotherapy showers, Kneipp and bucket and an ice fountain.

It also includes a nudist area with its own sauna, showers and contrast, and proper relaxation area with magnificent views.

Their treatment rooms with spectacular views of the Albufereta of Alcudia are perfectly equipped to offer from a fantastic massage to the latest in holistic therapies based on organic products enjoying treatments such as wine-therapy and wraps in bed hydrojet latest technology.

The Spa also has two relaxation areas, one overlooking the Bay of Pollença and one to the lagoon and the mountains of the Tramuntana.

An oasis for rest run by professionals who also has sports area equipped with a semi-Olympic pool and a gym featuring the latest technology and with direct sea views.

Pollentia Club's family grows with two magnificent specimens


During the month of April 2 thoroughbreds of the French Camargue are incorporated into the plot bounded this winter in the RN s'Albufereta, to diversify this habitat mosaics i believe microhabitats that result in an enhancement of biodiversity present in zona.La performance it is covered in the Annual Plan d'Execution (PAE) of the Nature Reserve.

Improvement project on the farm that borders the Club Pollentia

Thanks to the collaboration agreement signed in 2014 between the owners of the hotel complex and IBANAT Club Pollentia, 2016 is available 5,770 euros donated by the Portvi (owner of Club Pollentia) entity to invest in improvements in s'Albufereta, plus another both IBANAT staff wages. Part of this amount will go to improvements in farm bordering the Club Pollentia and following the work started in 2015. The rest will go to the project 3.3 the area for public use.

Delimited in a closed cattle in 2015 camarguesos space two horses will be. These horses are in the area an indeterminate but probably close to two months time. In addition, clearing will be performed within this space, to eliminate excessively lignificada vegetation, increasing the area of ​​open water and allow germination of new, more palatable tender vegetation by ganado.Se also be located in zone 2 perches for the osprey, Pandion haliaetus.

This action benefits the aquatic habitats, as well as most of associated species, among which include P.haliaetus, C.aeruginosus, N.nycticorax, E.garzetta, H.himantopus, Ch.alexandrinus, Ph.pugnax, Tr .glareola, R.aquaticus, M.flava.

For this specific actions intended 770 euros. The remaining 5,000 are for the Convention Other actions that run this summer.


Responsabilidad Social

Nos ocupamos del medioambiente [...]

Compromiso ambiental

Contamos con un sistema de gestión ambiental y Responsabilidad Social según las normas internacionales ISO 14001 y el Reglamento EMAS, además de seguir las directrices del certificado Travelife de Sostenibilidad.

· Anualmente se aprueban los objetivos ambientales y sociales por la Dirección, objetivos que son previamente tratados en el Comité de Gestión Ambiental de la empresa.
· Las inversiones en eficiencia energética en los últimos años han permitido reducir en dos letras la calificación energética de las instalaciones (de D a B).
· El ratio de consumo energético en MWh en ratio por estancia se ha mantenido aún habiendo aumentado los servicios ofrecidos al cliente en los dos últimos años debido a una importante reforma. Esta reforma ha aumentado en gran medida el valor de nuestras instalaciones y la satisfacción de los clientes, aunando así los objetivos económicos con los ambientales.
· Las mejoras realizadas en las instalaciones de todas las piscinas para su tratamiento con electrolisis salina en 2013 nos permitió reducir de forma muy considerable el consumo de los productos químicos utilizados anteriormente con el sistema convencional (hipoclorito sódico), así como una reducción de la manipulación de productos químicos por parte del personal de mantenimiento.
· La reducción, reutilización y reciclaje son las premisas en nuestra gestión de residuos.
Facilitamos el reciclaje a nuestros clientes con papeleras de recogida selectiva a lo largo de nuestras instalaciones así como con la colaboración de nuestras camareras de pisos. La concienciación de todos es imprescindible para un turismo sostenible.

Actuaciones de Responsabilidad Social

· Convenio con la Conselleria de Medio Ambiente del Govern Balear para la conservación y difusión del espacio natural colindante (Reserva Natural de la Albufereta). La empresa realzia donaciones para la mejora y conservación del espacio, los clientes pueden participar también activamente si lo desean. Más información en los paneles de interpretación instalados en nuestro jardín.
· Contamos con una guardería infantil para los hijos/as de nuestros empleados.
· Participamos en la campaña anual de Restaurantes contra el Hambre con la ONG Acción contra el Hambre.
· Patrocinamos eventos deportivos de la zona.
· Compra a proveedores locales en su mayoría. Aumento de suministro de producto local.
· Seguimiento de indicadores de desempeño en temas laborales (contratación), igualdad, y presencia en el mercado).

Intercambio de las Buenas Prácticas Ambientales con otras organizaciones.

El Club Pollentia Resort forma parte de la Red de Hoteles Sostenibles de Baleares ( y utiliza la herramienta para el seguimiento de sus indicadores ambientales y sociales. Esta herramienta permite el benchmarking de estos indicadores con el resto de establecimientos hoteleros de la Red que utilizan la herramienta, y permite la obtención de ratios medios del desempeño del sector a la organización sin ánimo de lucro (
· Contamos con Distintivo Ecoturístico de Alcudia, por el que se comunican nuestras buenas prácticas al Ayuntamiento de forma periódica.
· Participación en jornadas locales y nacionales ( Fitur, Gran Debate Hotelero, …)

We evolve in PortBlue Hotels & Resorts

Club Pollentia’s history goes across over 30 years of a family business. [...]

Club Pollentia’s history goes across over 30 years of a family business, great efforts, learning and work in order to offer the best facilities, and a great customer services to delight our guests.

In early 2015, the Porto Dolç family (Club Pollentia’s owners), decided to go one step further, evolve in something bigger and better, an ambitious business project: Acquire a new hotel chain with 6 hotels in Minorca.

You've seen inspirational quotes that encourage you to get out and do something strange—something you wouldn't normally do—but getting out of your routine just takes so much work. It's important to push the boundaries of your comfort zone, and when you do, it's kind of a big deal. Life actually starts out of your comfort zone.

That’s why we decided to take the risk, shot for the stars. 6 new hotels will be awesome.

Was absolutely challenging, we had to cover the new properties with our company culture, everything we learned through 3 decades in the travel industry. Minorca is a very special place, with its own rules, beauty and people. The Porto Dolç family loves Minorca as a place to disconnect and enjoy great holidays.

After the acquisition, we needed to find a new brand to englobe the hotels in Minorca and Menorca, a new name able to communicate our culture, we strive to offer the best service, something clear enough, different from the rest. A brand able to express our compromise with the quality, service excellence, environment respect, sustainability. To express perfect holidays.

We found it: PortBlue Hotels & Resorts

If you plan to visit Majorca or Minorca, don’t hesitate in visit us. We will be more than happy to be your hosts. Would be great to be able to show the best places to lose yourself, to enjoy, to swim, to rest.

There is a PortBlue hotel for every need: family holidays, active holidays, relax with your partner, meet new people, luxury holidays, be like home, … we have it all.

If you have any question, please contact with us.

This is just the beginning. Welcome aboard.

The PorBlue Team.

The Way of the Easter Cross

Pollença [...]

The northernmost spurs of Sierra de Tramuntana are the backdrop of the Majorcan town of Pollença. Widely known for its lively port and crystal-clear bay, the town has a medieval historic quarter that sits only a few kilometres away from the Mediterranean sea. This town, under the shade of the mountains of Puig de Pollença and Calvari, has managed to preserve intact its personality, despite being only steps away from the bustle of the beach.

The Way of the Easter Cross

Part of the layout of Pollença is taken up by the slope of Mount Calvari, the site of a hermitage that can be accessed by climbing a stairway with 365 steps. The Way of the Cross held in Good Friday covers this journey lined with centenary crosses more than three metres high. In the parish, the thirteenth-century Gothic image of the Virgin at the Foot of the Cross is venerated. From the miradors in this mountain visitors can enjoy the most impressive views of the urban centre and the outskirts. From here it is possible to reach a fourth-century Roman bridge that crosses the torrent of Sant Jordi.

The privileged location of Pollença, between the sea and the mountains, makes it possible for visitors to enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities. These include hiking, golf, horse riding (both inland and along the shore) and water sports at the Pollença Bay. This diverse geography is a great influence on the island's cuisine. Majorcan soups, made with meat and vegetables and "tumbet" (a stew made with potatoes, fried peppers, aubergine and tomato sauce) are some of the starters. "Sobrasada" (a kind of pork and paprika spread) and cheese with the label Designation of Origin (the seal of quality and origin given in Spain to exceptional products from specific regions), are served with grilled pork and simple —yet delicious— pieces of bread with olive oil and tomato. Of all desserts, the famous "ensaimada" will definitely delight those with a sweet tooth.

Pollentia Club Resort map

New buildings, new zones [...]

We've been working really hard in order to make awesome improvements for the new season.

Maris zone is now an Adults Only zone.

Also, we've build new rooms called Village Plus. They are located in the Stella building and in the Eros building (a brand new building builded in 2015).

You can a Club Pollentia Resort map clicking here

Flowering of the Almond Trees in Majorca

Unique natural spectacle [...]

If you're coming to Majorca any time between the end of January and the middle of February, you'll have the chance to witness an amazing natural phenomenon: the flowering of the almond trees in Majorca.

At this time of year the island's Mediterranean landscape is awash with white blossom, making an enchanting picture which heralds the arrival of spring.

The mild winters of the Mediterranean are responsible for this unique natural spectacle which takes place every year in Majorca.

Between January and February over 117,000 almond trees in the Balearic Islands burst into flower, transforming fields and mountains into a fairytale landscape. The trees are clothed in myriad tones of white and pink, and for a few days this feast for the eyes becomes one of Majorca's most popular tourist attractions.

Although almond trees grow all over the island, there are two areas of particular interest. One is the mountains of the Sierra de Tramuntana and the central western area, especially Marratxí, Bunyola, Santa María, Sencelles, Lloseta and Selva. And the other is the districts of Manacor, Sant Llorenç and Son Servera, in the east of Majorca.

There are several routes which allow you to enjoy this natural phenomenon either on foot or by bike. Renting a car is another good way of exploring these places.You'll also find that almonds are not just a pretty sight.

The Majorcan almond is famous for its distinctive characteristics and its sweet taste: try it by itself, toasted, or in one of the typical desserts of Majorcan gastronomy. You'll even find products made with almonds and almond blossom in shops and at perfume counters.

So now you know, if you want, you can take away a lot more than just a beautiful souvenir photo.



Free Shuttle Bus to the beach [...]

In order to make easy to visit the best beaches of the North of Majorca, we offer to all of our guests a free shuttle bus every week day. Book your spot in the Hobby Club

Puerto Pollença beach

A Sandy Dream

Puerto de Pollença offers to you a lovely beach in a bay surrounded by the fabulous Tramuntana mountains. It's one of the best settings in Mallorca. With nearly 1.5km of beach, you are sure to find a nice space to enjoy the wonderful scenery that surrounds the town. The further east you go from the port, the narrower but quieter the beach becomes.

Puerto de Alcúdia beach

A long family friendly beach

A beautiful fine white sand beach that stretches from the Port of Alcudia. 3.4 km of beach to choose from Extremely family friendly because of the safe shallow water that makes it ideal for children to play in. The clear turquoise sea is a delight to swim in or to watch from the comfort of your sun lounger. Wooden walkways at the back of the beach to allow for easier access for the disabled and for push chairs.

Playas de Muro

A Paradise in Earth

Just a few minutes far driving from Club Pollentia you will find a white sandy beach with beautiful blue and clear sea. Playa de Muro is a beautiful 6 kilometre long white sandy beach. Quieter because of its out of town location. The sand is fine and soft and the beach leads down a gentle incline to the clear and shallow blue sea. It's shallow enough for kids to play safely, but if the wind is up you may experience slightly bigger waves.

Cala Figuera

Between cliffs and mountains

The beach is located deep within a cove with high mountains on both sides of the water. A spectacular view. The water is crystal clear. Be aware that is not a super-sandy beach but with a lot of small/large stones.

Cala Sant Vicenç

Easy going coves

Cala Sant Vicenç is made by three little coves: Cala Clara, Cala Molins and Cala Carbó. Located with high mountains on both sides of the water offer a spectacular view. The water is crystal clear.

Formentor Beach

One of a Kind Beach

With a stunning backdrop of pine forest and views to the mountains, Cala Formentor is one of the most beautiful spots on the island. Situated in the north west of Majorca, on the Bay of Pollença. Its turquoise blue sea is crystal clear and the beach is made from very fine white sand with trees overhang the beach so there is plenty of shade in the Majorca hot summer.


Pollentia Club Resort acquires Menorca’s S’Algar Hotel Group

The Porto Dolç family will manage all the hotels of S’Algar Hotel Group and La Quinta Hotel ***** [...]

We’re so proud to announce the acquisition of the S’Algar Hotel Group by the Pollentia Club Resort. Also the management of La Quinta Hotel *****.

This way we’ve become a growing hotel chain with facilities in Majorca and Menorca. This new chain includes Hotel San Luís ****, Hotel S’Algar ****, also the apartments Las Palmeras, Rafalet and Vista Faro. Including the 5 stars La Quinta Hotel & Resort *****.

A staff of around 400 people will manage more than 2300 beds from hotels in Majorca and hotels in Menorca. We invite all of our guests to visit us and enjoy a wonderful holidays.

Village Plus | Pollentia Club Resort

Exclusive, trendy, cozy and comfortable [...]

On November 2014, just after the season closing day, we started to build a brand new building called Eros.

This is a great moment for us as it is the starting point of a strategic 3 years plan of improvements that will keep the Club Pollentia Resort as the best hotel in Majorca of its category.

The brand new rooms are called Village Plus, where everything is completely new (bathrooms, systems, furniture, beds …).

But there is more, we are also refurbishing the whole Stella building. That way we are able to offer 60 brand new Village Plus rooms for our guests.

This new rooms along with our world-class guest service will delight to anyone who would like to enjoy a wonderful holiday in the best resort in Majorca: Pollentia Club Resort.

Take advantage of the launching promotion and book a Pollentia Club Resort's Village Plus at the best price. Great value for money!

New web

Welcome to Club Pollentia [...]

Welcome to a new way to discover your best holiday in a hotel where everything is designed to be enjoyed. In this new website you can learn more about our facilities and rooms, you will have information on the most interesting places in the area and you can discover the best activities and plans for throughout your stay. Thanks to a very visual and practical design, navigation through the pages is convenient and simple for the user and thus able to know everything the hotel even before arriving. You can also take advantage of our offers and book with all the comfort and safety, not to mention all the news that we will offer from this blog.Welcome to our new website, welcome to Club Pollentia!